What is Screen Printing?

Screen Printing, often called 'silk screening, is a method of imprinting a design on surfaces like fabric and paper using a mesh screen, ink, and a squeegee. While commonly used on fabric and paper, specialized inks enable printing on materials like plastic, wood, glass, and metal. Our process involves a light-sensitive emulsion applied to screens, developed similarly to photos.

After drying the emulsion, we expose a film positive to light, and then the
design is washed out. Simple designs use a single screen and color, while multi-colored designs use multiple screens. When printed and cured properly, our screen-printed garments can withstand hundreds of washes, lasting for years.

What is Heat Transferring?

Heat transfer printing method is an advanced version of the iron on printing method originally done in the past. Heat transfers offer a larger and more even printing method to press and decorate with full color designs for a low cost on smaller more personalized orders. Heat Transfer is defined as a digital design printed on siliconized paper and cut to fit design with use of a plotter.

The design is then transferred to the garment or textile by applying heat and pressure with a heat press machine. Heat Transfers are capable of applying designs onto various styles of clothing, fabrics, and accessories.

What graphic files do I need to send?

We require print ready files/vector files.

This refers to vectorized art in the original vector format saved in a .SVG, PDF, or .Ai file.

What if I don't have print ready files?

At BunnPrints we offer services including:

• Vector Tracing
• Custom Font Selection
• Sketch and Font Tracing
• Simple Concept Designing

Although we do not provide the service of creating detailed logos for our clients, we mainly gear our focuses towards helping clients vectorize their current logo, if not saved in the proper format.

We also help bring basic concepts designs and sketches to life for our

Do I need a design in order to receive a quote?

Not at all! Feel free to put in a request for a quote today.

Who owns my design?

The finished vectors and the original files will be sent to the provided email for your explicit use.

These files are the clients property as well as responsibility for copyright use, as we are not responsible for the use and liability of the provided designs printed/vectored from Bunn Prints.