Collection: Welcome to Bunn Skates Lessons in Roseville, CA and The Greater Sacramento Area!

Are you or your child interested in learning how to skateboard?  Check out Bunn Skates, owned by skateboard enthusiast Jordan Bunnell in Roseville, California, dedicated to supporting the local community. We serve not only Roseville but also the greater Sacramento area, providing top-notch skateboard lessons for kids aged 4 to adults.

About Jordan Bunnell

Our lessons are led by the experienced and passionate Jordan Bunnell, a seasoned skateboarder with over 17+ years of riding under his belt. Jordan is dedicated to sharing his knowledge and skills with the next generation of skaters.


Skateboard Lessons for All Ages and Skill Levels

Whether you're a complete beginner or an intermediate skater looking to refine your skills, we have lessons tailored just for you. Our mission is to teach you how to skateboard safely while having a blast on your board.

Lesson Locations

We offer the flexibility of choosing from various lesson locations to suit your preference:

1. Skateparks

Join us at one of the local skateparks where you can experience the thrill of skateboarding in a dynamic and controlled environment.

2. Your Driveway

Prefer the comfort of your own home? No problem! We can come to your driveway and transform it into a personal skateboarding haven.

Equipment and Safety

Safety is our top priority, not only do we strongly recommend the use of protective gear, including knee pads, elbow pads, wrist guards, and helmets, but we also want you to know that we take safety seriously.

CPR Certified Instructors:  You can have peace of mind knowing that in the unlikely event of an emergency, our team is trained to respond swiftly and effectively.

Private and Group Lessons

At Bunn Skates, we understand that learning styles vary. That's why we offer both private lessons for one-on-one instruction and group lessons for up to four students at a time. Whether your child thrives in a social environment or prefers individual attention, we have you covered.

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